AzDrawing 2

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Jan 26, 2012 12:25 AM

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AzDrawing is for inking pictures in an easy way. 

In AzDrawing2, 8BIT image data layer is only alpha. (32BIT color images of a normal RGBA)
Layer setting "color line" with the color specified as an RGB color as the color of the lines (RGB) values ??of + alpha image (A) to display an image.

Thus, in one layer [shades of one color +] is represented in color.

In one layer, but can only represent one color, the image data already less that minute, and to draw the line drawing can easily change the color of the line can be useful.

When loading an image, and color shading information as it captures the image converted to grayscale. (White = transparent, opaque = black)

You can edit the image size to 9999 x 9999 px.

AzDrawing has also simple animation mode where you have onion skin feature and layers are used as frames.




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May 23, 2017 07:20 AM




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